Automatic Doors

Automatic Doors

Zamil Architectural Industries is partnership with Assa Abloy entrance systems, We have a comprehensive product portfolio of automatic doors. Sliding, Swing and Revolving doors optimize pedestrian entrances, improving accessibility, safety and energy consumption in any building. Automatic doors welcome visitors, guide traffic and preserve indoor climate zones.Combined with extensive expertise, maintenance and modernization, all of our products can be optimized for any requirements, such as automation and monitoring, minimizing energy loss and ensuring the stability of the indoor climate, providing you with complete and sustainable entrance solutions.

Sliding door systems

The automatic sliding door systems provides superior performance and a wide range of innovative solutions to meet the needs of the most demanding environments. From hospital entrances to retail applications, the smooth, quiet operation and versatile configurations make the automatic sliding door system ideal for any application.Frame Sliding door systems

  • Frame Sliding door systems
  • Slim Sliding door systems
  • All-glass Sliding door systems
  • Protected Sliding door systems
  • Uni-Slide Hermetic Sliding door systems
  • Curved Sliding door systems

Swing doors

Swing doors take up minimal space while providing maximal opening width. The operators are ideal for both new installations and retrofits, and manual opening is easy if needed for convenience or safety.

  • Universal Swing door operators
  • Integrated Swing door systems
  • Concealed Swing door operators
  • Slim Swing door operators
  • Classic Swing door operators
  • Space-saving Swing door system